36 Lovely Fairy Garden Decor Ideas

Lovely Fairy Garden Decor Ideas 26
Lovely Fairy Garden Decor Ideas 26

If you value fairy tales and are buying new theme for a summer garden get together, then why not keep a Fairy Garden Get together. This will make a superb birthday treat for the children or a fun filled theme for a young at center selection of adults.

The first thing that occurs to you when decorating for such a party is a trail of fairy lights. Twinkling lights add a magical aspect to any event, specially when direct sunlight goes down. Along with ornaments or statues of fairies, try dotting little items around such as dolls house furniture or acorn cups, to make it look like the fairies are visiting.

Make an effort baking some homemade gourmet cupcakes, with lots of lovely toppings. Dainty sandwiches are also a great idea. You could even develop the theme by creating all the several foods in miniature, or provide fairy food such as baby, mead, nuts and ready-to-eat flowers.

Games may include a fairies treasure hunt, best costume competition, magic tips or even fairy picking out. Cut out pictures of fairies and hide them over the garden.

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